Tisha and Family

Tisha is a friend of the family and a fantastic Singer. She will hopefully be releasing a CD soon. She wanted some family photos taken and some senior portraits of her kids and we figured we might just take some pre-CD photo’s   🙂

Just a funny story about this shot. We were taking photos right outside of a studio, which we did not know, when some maintenance guys came in and opened the door we were shootingby. Well, Tisha said, ooooh a red wall…. The guys came out a few seconds later and asked if we wanted to take some photos in front of it, uh Yes!!! LOL

1 thought on “Tisha and Family

  1. Tisha says:

    Words cannot describe the joy I experience every time I look at our photos. With the twins graduating from eigth grade in June and the fact we haven’t taken family pictures in seven years, we desperately needed to do this.

    John was a true professional, he was also extremely spontaneous! and it’s obvious from the multitude of great shots he captured, he “brought it!” We desired the full experience of a “photojournalistic” shoot and John was on board the entire time. We did everything from scaling roof-tops to sitting on the streets of Riverside and John didn’t bat an eye. He was awesome!

    We are grateful for his time and talent and cannot wait to see what God will bring into John’s life and career because he loves and serves him.

    Thank you John E.


    Rickym Tish, Austin and Demi

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