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I have had the pleasure of knowing Brianna for many years and was totally excited to shoot their wedding. Michael I had met quite a few times and the more I came to know him it was quite obvious they were meant to get married.

I wish them the best and was glad to be a part of something so special!

Venue: Whispering Oaks Terrace in Temecula 

Wedding Planner: Melissa Pack Ellis



The Beautiful Bride


The ring and the Brides shoes, I love that they are Toms!



One of my favorites of the Groom



The groomsmen and their Vans!



You could really tell the theater background (of them both) they both played to the “audience” 😛



Awww, the kissing



And more kissing! And the flowers!



The requested picture



The lovely cake and you can make out the venue in the back



The bouquet toss and they went crazy!



Back story for this one, this cute couple had the bridesmaid dress, wedding ring, embroidered converse, and passports stolen 3 days before the wedding! Kristi still had her engagement ring, but had to get new shoes, dress and make sure the passports weren’t an issue for their cruise. Oh my!!!!

So my second shooter leaned over to me at one point and said, you know, for a couple that got all their stuff stolen they sure look happy. I second that, they sure did look happy.

I loved that they moved on from the theft and just focused on what really mattered for their special day. My hat is off to the both of them and the love they showed, not only for each other, but for every one around them this day.

Congratulations to both of you!



Needless to say, the venue was spectacular!

Again, this is the happy look I mentioned, all through the day!

Dameon spent the afternoon coloring these and getting them setup. And it was HOT out 😛

And of course they had Ring Security!!!

The smile on Dameon’s face was so infectious when we were shooting this photo I had to hop over and get this shot.

I have known Brianna for many years while she was teaching voice to my daughter. We became friends and had many discussions of her finding the right man to settle down with and enjoy her life. I knew one day she would have a man in her life and he does not disappoint!  I love Brianna like a daughter and I always tell her to check with me first before deciding on a good guy, of course she does not listen to me, but I can always hope 😛

But, she picked well! I met Michael and pretty much knew right away he was perfect for Brianna. The way he pampers her, takes care of her, and just loves her is something original that every father hopes for with a daughter. Good job to both of you on making the right choice!

Congratulations you two and can’t wait for the wedding!

To the happy couple! Sheri’s son and my daughter have been in theater together for years and I can vouch for the kindness of this lady. I can also say that the short time I got to spend with Rob he is a gentleman through and through. This is one of the nicest couples not only to each other but to anyone who has met them and spent any time with them at all.

Congratulations on a beautiful wedding!

The Happy Couple



First look before the ceremony



Yes they were pretty excited



Sheri and her oldest giving her away 🙂



Robert gained a few boys



All of Sheri’s boys stood by her side



The Ring



Two joined as one



The Kiss!!!



Whooo Hooo!!!



Yes, they are happy



Too much reception fun!!! 😛


So I had about an hour to find my daughter, get a headshot taken, and send off to her vocal teacher so she could send it off to an organization. I had basically little time to put this together and luckily found my daughter and coaxed her into actually letting me take the shot. Oh 16 year olds 😉 Anyway, thank you Mackenzie and you are beautiful!!


Mackenzie Headshot

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